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 About Us_ 

Precision, Detail & Efficiency

While many people believe efficiency is simply doing a job faster than the other guy that is not at all the case. Efficiency requires not only speed but the ability to produce the same quality product in a shorter period of time. Without accuracy speed is irrelevant.


Professional experience

Terry N. Thomas - Owner

I first discovered my passion for design in Jr. High school with my first drafting class. After that I knew what I wanted to do. I continued taking courses throughout high school and moved on to Anthem College in Phoenix Arizona. After graduating at the top of my class and receiving my Associates degree in Architecture I went to work for Higgins Architects in Scottsdale AZ. I spent 5 years with Higgins working side by side with the principal and project manager. Being a small firm I was involved with every aspect of the projects from the initial contact through site measurements, design, construction documents and field inspections. I learned a great deal about the art of architecture as well as the need for thorough planning and highly detailed plans. After Higgins and a bit of time spent soul searching "I spent about a year as a professional

musician" I landed at Legacy Design Build Remodeling. At Legacy I consulted with multiple designers to help detail a wide variety of projects

of many styles. I was also responsible for producing the construction documents, coordinating all of the consultants, working with the cities, performing code interpretations and dealing with field inspectors to adjust our plans to unforeseen site conditions. This was a production driven environment where I learned to be efficient. Legacy is also known for their high standards of construction and quality projects so my plans had to meet their standards for quality and stringent deadlines. These experiences have left me with an excellent understanding of building codes and the reality of the actual conditions in the field.


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